Why Choose Us?

We are creating multimodal transportation connectivity within minutes of where people work, play, and live without noise or environmental pollution to improve our quality of life.

Legacy Infrastructure

Highways and bridges are crumbling due to time and increased weight or corrosive chemicals. Our proprietary solutions strengthen existing infrastructure affordably using technology designed for our sister companies aircraft of the future. 

Comparison VS Other Products

  • Portland cement highway strength average is 4,000 psi vs. ours at 10,000 psi
  • Bridges ice over in freezing temperatures vs ours that melts ice and snow accumulation 
  • Reclamite extends the life of roads for 4-6 years vs ours for more than 10 years with the strength of steel

Future-proof Legacy Infrastructure

Our proprietary materials can not only melt icy road surfaces without toxic chemicals, expensive equipment, and storage but will also double the strength of roads and eventually charge electric vehicles without overhauling the infrastructure for a zero carbon footprint. 

The Future of Everything!

  • Seamless connecting local communities with point-to-point access
  • Smart highway with double the road surface strength
  • Air taxi locations seamlessly integrated into rural communities 
  • Fully dedicated smart roadways for fully self-driving Semi Trucks
  • Charging stations for hydrogen and electric vehicles
  • Public transportation access
  • Vertiport access for Evtol aircraft