Welcome to Clearport Worldwide

We are a sustainable infrastructure company created to transform mobility for the next century with technology and people.

About Us

Partnerships are the Key to Success

We have secured partnerships globally to develop the infrastructure for AAM to serve you. eVTOL technology is coming and mankind needs to be ready. Technology must be future-proofed and accessible today for current legacy infrastructure to enhance and not replace current infrastructure wherever applicable.


Stronger road surfaces that withstand corrosion from excessive weight. Our surfaces can even melt snow, black ice or accumulation of freezing rain. Our bridges will not ice over in freezing weather. Drive responsibly.

Future-Proofed Multimodal Transportation Hubs

Our Clearports will utilize the strongest, lightest, and most sustainable resources known to mankind. Our buildings will generate their electricity, use less raw materials, and incorporate materials stronger than steel. 


It all starts with future-proofing infrastructure with sustainable resources. We are a new company with incredible scientists, experts, and partnerships that have come together to shape the future. Our technology was developed to disrupt the transportation sector with future-proof tech. Our material is available today for roads, bridges, highways, commercial, industrial, and residential.


Raw materials are too expensive and constantly need to be repaired or replaced. Buildings are not well insulated. The future will require a road that will handle heavier vehicles for commerce. The future will require stronger bridges that do not freeze when the weather is cold. The future will require roads that will charge the EV technology and eventually as the vehicle drives on its surface.


Our product can be blended with Portland cement and even composite materials to establish over double the average weight supported on road surfaces. The combined strength is over 10,000 psi versus 4,000 psi on an average road. Our technology will melt ice, freezing rain, and snow on road surface areas and use very low voltage. Our technology can be spray-coated or blended at production to strengthen existing infrastructure. Plans are in place to eventually charge electric vehicles while they drive with the technology we will use to future-proof highways.